Upcycled Thread Holder

Today’s guest post is from my hilarious friend Alli. We also met at SNAP and I proceeded to call her the wrong name, like, twelve times. But she still likes me so she must have forgiven me! She recently changed the name of her blog to Made with HAPPY, which I love! Everything she does is pointed toward a happier life — what could be better than that? Give her a follow on Facebook and experience the HAPPY for yourself! 

Hi all! My name is Alli and I write for the blog Made with HAPPY. I’m so excited to be guest posting here at Let’s Eat Grandpa.

Over the past year I’ve been slowly turning one of our small boring bedrooms into a home office craft room. One of my challenges in that room is that all my crafts are in large boxes making it difficult to find some of my smaller craft supplies when I need them. So I’ve been working a little at a time to separate and find a new location for each. Like my thread. I’m not a huge sewer like Ms. Cori over her. In fact, I’m lucky when I get a straight hem going. Therefore, I don’t have the biggest selection when it comes to thread, but I do have a few spools and was looking for a fun way to display them. With a bunch of old frames laying around and room on my slat wall, I decided to upcycle one of the frames and turn it into a thread holder.


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Simple IKEA Hack: Narrow Console Table

Simple IKEA Hack: Narrow console table for just $22!

When we were making over Amy’s guest bedroom a while back, we weren’t working with a ton of space — or a ton of money! We needed a little table where her guests could set their keys or toiletry bag. We searched the stores and thrift shops, but everything we found would put us way over our budget or was way too enormous for the side of the bed.

While wandering through IKEA (one of my favorite pastimes!), we walked into the shelving section and I had an idea. We could use a shelf and two table legs to create the illusion of a narrow console table — without the higher cost of an individual piece!

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The September Directive – A New House!

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Want to learn more about the 2014 Directive? Visit Kate & Trudy for more information! 

In August, I had the goal of doing a bunch of blog stuff I didn’t really want to do. I made progress on my goals, but didn’t complete many of them because something exciting happened and life got in the way!

We bought a new house!!

When Ryan and I got married, we moved into his halfplex. We’ve spent the last year sprucing it up, including a complete gut job on the kitchen. We had plans to buy a new place in a few years, and rent out this halfplex and someday pay it off and have it as an income property. 

Then I randomly came across an online listing for a house about a mile from where we live now. Drove by it, and the agent was standing on the driveway so I got to tour it. Loved it. Died when I saw the yard (the “yard” in our halfplex is the saddest ever). Ryan saw it the next day. Put in an offer the day after that. Offer accepted the next day. 

Let's Eat Grandpa's New House

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Caffeinated Crafters – Tuesday Link Up #13

It’s the end of August!! We’re still living the heatwave that is summer and I’m dreaming of everything fall. I’m looking forward to the cooler weather, which I’m sure you are too! Fall always makes me want to craft more — which brings me to this week’s installment of The Caffeinated Crafters Link Party!


So what were some of our favorite projects this week?

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Nautical Fall Mantel

You know when you meet someone and you are like I KINDA LOVE THAT PERSON THE MOSTEST EVER. That’s sort of how it went with April. We were roommates at SNAP and immediately hit it off. I love this guest post she has here today — I’m all over fall that doesn’t scream FALL. This is perfect! 

Hey Let’s Eat Grandpa readers! I am April from illistyle. If you are like me then you absolutely LOVE Cori, cuz she is the greatest. I am so happy to be here today to share this Nautical Fall Mantel and Garland Tutorial. I know you might be thinking… “Fall AND Nautical? What?” Lemme explain: I love nautical decor. I love fall decor. Some people think the two styles aren’t compatible…I beg to differ. Let me show you:

Nautical Fall Mantel - illistyle.com


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