Personalized Pennants – Now for Sale in My Shop!

Personalized Pennants by Let's Eat Grandpa

I’ve been making personalized pennants for clients for a while now, but hadn’t yet added them to my Etsy shop. I finally figured out pricing and how to structure multiple lengths on Etsy, so I’m happy to announce that you can now order them!

They are perfect for baby showers, nurseries, birthdays, gifts, kids’ rooms, photo props, and so much more! You can also order words other than names — how about JUST MARRIED, for example? Too cute!

Personalized Pennants by Let's Eat Grandpa

There are three lengths available on Etsy (three to five letters, six to eight letters, and nine to eleven letters), but I’m happy to do a custom order for more or fewer letters (I once did one with sixteen letters!).

The pennants are topstitched for a charming, rustic look. The lowercase letters are hand-cut from white felt, though other colors are available by request. It’s all put together using matching bias tape.

Personalized Pennants by Let's Eat Grandpa

They are sewn on (appliquéd), not glued, so they’ll hold up for a long time to come!

Personalized Pennants by Let's Eat Grandpa

I have a huge selection of fabric in my stash, and I’m happy to order fabric colors and designs based on your requests. Once you’ve placed an order, I’ll pull a selection of fabrics and won’t start work until you approve the fabric selection.

Personalized Pennants by Let's Eat Grandpa

And it’s as easy as that! If you’d like to order, stop by Etsy and take a look! Or shoot me an email at cori {at} letseatgrandpa {dot} com and I’d be happy to set up an order with you!


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