My First Washi Tunic

I’m making clothes! Other than a few aprons and helping my mom sew costumes, this is one of the first projects I’ve tackled that’s not flat like a quilt. You don’t have to fit a rectangle! But I figured I had enough sewing skillz to attempt the Washi by Made by Rae. I opted for the tunic instead of the full dress, mostly because I only had enough fabric for the tunic, but also because I am more likely to wear a tunic than a dress.

Though after making the tunic, I will definitely attempt the dress at some point!

My First Washi Tunic by Let's Eat Grandpa

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Crafters for Courage – Auction!

Crafters for Courage Auction

A week ago I was scrolling through my Instagram feed when I came across a post from Jen about an auction she was planning called Crafters for Courage. It caught my attention because I’ve volunteered on and off for an organization based here in the Sacramento area called Courage Worldwide, which builds homes for girls rescued out of domestic sex trafficking.

So I clicked on it and lo and behold it was the same Courage! I couldn’t believe it!

Jen and her friend Crystal were planning the auction to raise money for an organization that I’ve been a part of for years. Jen told me she’d heard the organization’s founder, Jenny Williamson, speak on her local radio station in central California and had been moved to raise money to help build more homes. I was able to share my connection with Courage Worldwide with Jen. I was nearly in tears as we talked about our shared heart for these vulnerable girls who so badly need a home and a family that loves them.

And today is that auction! So hop on over to Instagram and follow Crafters for Courage. There are all sorts of incredible items to bid on made by the wonderful, crafty people of the Internet, including a bunch of my friends.

My item in the auction is the North West pillow cover I made. It’s 16″ x 16″ in grays and pinks. You know you want it!

North West Pillow by Let's Eat Grandpa

The March Directive – Monthly Goal Setting

The-2014-Directive_Blog-Button_purple (1)

I’m a little late to the party this year, but one of my lovely sponsors, Jessica from Kate and Trudy (seriously, give her a follow — she’s the sweetest!), is hosting a New Year’s resolution link up called The 2014 Directive. It’s structured in a way to maximize success of my goals by setting them on a monthly basis instead of a big year-long resolution that’s nearly impossible to keep. The monthly goals must be SMART: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely.

Sitting on the couch for four weeks has given me the time to think and plan the things I want to do after I’m done with my recovery. On March 12 I should get the go-ahead to start resuming normal life — wearing real shoes, driving, sewing, doing things around the house. It won’t be an overnight change (no marathons for me yet!), but I’m looking forward to the permission to do more.

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Five Fabulous Ethical Clothing Choices: February

Five Fabulous Ethical Clothing Choices for February by Let's Eat Grandpa

Last month, I shared Five Fabulous Ethical Clothing Choices — and got a lot of great feedback from all over the Internet. Looks like everyone wants more! So here are five more choices when you’re looking to buy fashion more ethically.

Several of these companies are from reader suggestions. Keep them coming and share your favorite ethical sellers in the comments!

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