Faux Stained Glass Removable Window Stickers

Today is my final scheduled post-surgery guest post! I’ve been so happy (and thankful!) to have my friends here helping me out while I’m getting back on my feet. I hope you’ve enjoyed their great projects! Today’s project is from my friend Randi at Sowdering About. Randi and I are in a blogging group together and it never fails that this girl makes me laugh. Out loud. Coffee may have come out of my nose once or twice because of her. Stop by Facebook and give her a little love! 

Hi, I’m Randi! I blog from a blue recliner in the wet city of Seattle where my family and I live. I write about my crafting adventures and parenting trials, because if you can’t find humor in your own life, then who will?

After seeing Cori’s recent post with the paint chip art, I was inspired to make something similar but for my kids to do! I immediately thought that her triangles would be great on a window and so I went digging around to find removable window stickers to make this happen. 


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Giant Feather Wall Art

Giant Feather Wall Art Tutorial by @letseatgrandpa Big walls need big art. A gallery wall is great, but unless you have twenty coordinating pieces of artwork and photos, it’s hard to really fill a big space.  And big art can be expensive. I’m all for supporting artists, but I don’t have a grand to drop on a really great big piece of art. So here’s a quick way to make a statement piece that looks great with your decor!  [Read more...]

Garam Masala Popcorn Mix

This garam masala popcorn is the perfect complement to a Bollywood film!

A while back, I was writing a post about the film The Hundred Foot Journey. The movie is about an Indian family that opens up an Indian restaurant right across the street from a fancy Michelin-rated French restaurant. Apparently the film worked its way into my subconscious, because that night I had a dream. In that dream I made some garam masala popcorn — the perfect thing to eat while watching a movie about Indian food. 

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Easy Crochet Mini Wallet

Today Jess from Chaos & Love is guest posting for me! We met at SNAP and then were roommates at BlogHer. I love this girl!! She blogs all about her crafts, food, crochet — and she has some super helpful bloggy tech stuff for those of us who are less than talented in that area. Guess this post means I’m going to have to learn how to crochet, doesn’t it?

Crochet Mini Wallet - perfect for business cards!

Hi there! I’m Jess and I blog over at Chaos & Love about food, crafts and being a work-outside-the-home mom of two boys. I’m so excited to be hanging out here at Let’s Eat Grandpa today because Cori is one of my most favorite people and I’m sure you’re all equally awesome.

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DIY Color Block Paint Chip Artwork Tutorial

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Make this easy artwork using a few simple supplies and a handful of paint chips!

I have a serious problem. I can’t stop making stuff to hang on my walls! And we don’t have all that many walls in our little house. But I’m sure this color block paint chip art will find a spot — I love how it turned out (and it’s not very big!)! It was pretty darn easy to make, as well, and I think it really makes a statement.

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